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Running Radio Station

Our Non Governmental organization has been running Radio Station programme at SIWAN District for the last six years. We got an official license from Information & Broadcasting Department, New Delhi. The participants were very pleased with this program. Our society has found a good achievement after organizing this program in local areas. The theme of the program was ‘Involvement of community members and providing them a multi-dynamic platform for raising various issues’

Activities of Radio Snehi

  • Snehi Lokotthan Sansthan, a nonprofit organization, launched Radio Snehi as a tool for catering to many unaddressed problems prevailing in the society. Radio Snehi invites and encourages local village artists to take up part time jobs. The station purchases items from local craftsmen and also provides them exhibition halls for showcasing their products. Such activities also serve as an additional source of income for the station.

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  • The program, Swayam Swastha Samuh, is based on women and adolescent girls’ health and hygiene. They started to build self-health groups only for women and girls. They crowded in a place and start talking on a given topics/ issues then they talked about their self-health group. They help them choose a topic based on health such as how to maintain hygiene in menstruation period. The programs inform the community about health card, roles, and responsibilities of an ANM and ASHA, anganwadi workers, health centers, schemes for women and girls’ health, nutrition of lactating mothers, pre and post-delivery diet, immunization, benefits of using toilets, consequences/effects on health, going toilets in the open fields, and hand-washing. In this program, mostly women are engaged. They have made fifteen different groups of women in different villages. In one group, there are ten to twelve women, so 150 women have been engaged with this program.

  • The self-health groups are famous and many women and girls want to join it. They give them only one year to be with them and then they take new members. Through innovation they have trained about 300 women and girls. After getting training here, they become health volunteers. They teach their villagers on radio as well as when they are at home. Most of the women were not aware about the health facilities in their nearby health center. With this program they came to know about many government schemes on women’s health. They built strong groups to talk about their health issues. Before this, they used to spend a huge amount of their income on medicines, etc.

Literacy Program

For so many days Snehi Lokotthan Sansthan is working for the education for all men, women, girls and boys children. Our society wants to ensure primary education for them. Under the direction of society two education centre were run in the villages of SIWAN district. Essentially, Literacy and population size are the basic ingredients for the improvement of Economic development. This is closely associated with poverty reduction. Human development is the end-economic growth. Literacy and education have a direct role in human development and are instrumentals.

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The significant effects of primary education is reduction in poverty and improvements in income distribution, improvement in health and nutritional status of the population growth. The positive association with adoption of family planning methods are directly linked with positive relationship with general, social, political and economic development and overall quality of life. If all are well organized welfare of society will easily possible. Women have to integrate in mainstream of the society. In India they do not enjoy equal status with men and still have to fight their way through and for their rights.  If they want to achieve social or economic advancement they need to come forward.


About Us

We launched Radio Snehi as a tool for catering to many unaddressed problems prevailing in the society. Through this radio program we try to create awareness among the common people. 

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